Toxin Buster™ C60 Charcoal - Probably the safest, most effective natural daily detox product available.

Arthromend™ A food supplement which address the acid/alkaline imbalance in more mature people, helping to restore jopint mobility and ease pain naturally and effectively.

Dr. David Williams"Searching the World for Better Health". Dr. Williams was one of the first people to recommend Yamoa™ Powder to his 260,000+ 'Alternatives' newsletter suscribers back in August 2001. Since then he has not stopped promoting us, and our customers who receive his newsletter and use his products have nothing but great things to say about him.

The Kettlebell Studio Based in Oxford, UK, this online exercise service will have you exercising safely and effectively with kettlebells from your home or office. With attentionm to individual and small class training, the pay-as-you-go system ensures every penny spent is in return for effective training and not wasted on joining and membership fees or travelling to and from your exercise venue. Minimise time spent. Minimise outlay. Maximise benefits. Train online.

Karen's Healthy Kitchen Healthy Alternatives for your sweet tooth. Karen Edwards, Ph.D., Holistic Nutrition, is the author of the best-selling recipe book 'Sweeten Your Life the Xylitol Way'. Endeavoring to overcome her own health issues, through years of studying nutritional issues and experimenting with numerous original recipes, Karen has succeeded in achieving a much healthier lifestyle for herself. Karen's wonderful website is a resource for Xylitol-related information, products and her own books. Karen has been recommending Yamoa™ to her customers since she has used it herself with amazing results.

David Williams, M.D., monthly alternative health newsletter, targeted health formulas and supplements.

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Clinic anti-neoplaston therapy for many kinds of cancer. Very high success rates reported for brain cancer & more.

RJMiro.comUse 'Paper Rings' To bind the following: Loose leaf pages, E-books, Scrapbooks, Recipe Cards, Arts /Craft, Promotional items and more. Easy open and close. The inventor of these rings, Ruth Miro is a Yamoa™ user. One of her dreams: 'I always wanted to one day be able to see people not suffer with asthma.'

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